Upcoming Talent Tuesday w/ThyReal Tkay : Who’s D.R The Artist?


By : @ThyRealTKay

 Upcoming music artist,  Dwayne Reynolds best known as “D.R “ is most definitely one  artist to keep your eye on this year .

The 21 year old from the east side of Detroit, Michigan is the type of music artist who will have you thinking like … Hold up , did he just say that ? His lyrics are just that amazing !

While chopping it up with the artist I asked him who’s D.R.? His reply was “ I’m an artist .. . Not a singer .. Not rapper .. I create art ‘ and from listening to his new mixtape ( Who is D.R. ? ) that was released this year,  his lyrics display nothing but lyrical art .

D.R. is currently using 2016 to expand as a music artist and by motivating his current audience through his music .

His current single I Wanna Do ft Jaye Baylis and Dani Nicole is on soundcloud . I’m telling you guys off rip that the lyrics are smooth , the beat is sexy ,and the chorus is catchy.  Make sure you click the link below  and check it out !!!



Before wrapping up my conversation with the D.R. he gave me some motivation on my journey in life, while I also shared some with him as well . D.R. is a real down to earth educated and humble individual. Conversing with him was most definitely a pleasure and I wish him nothing but much success in his music career .

For more on D.R. Follow him on social media at the following

Twitter : @cityboy_dr

Instagram: @cityboy_dr

SoundCloud: @cityboyDR






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