Wale’s ‘Summer On Sunset’ Is Summer 16 Hottest New Mixtape


HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD! It hasn’t even been a whole month since the release of Wale’s new mixtape ‘Summer on Sunset’ and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it, since a friend of mines in media first played it in the car ! It is fire!!!!

Wale released his Summer on Sunset mixtape in preparation for his upcoming  SHINE album. The project, inspired by the DC’s rapper move from the East Coast to Los Angeles to expand his music career and artistic side  for his creative process,  shares on how life can be for an entertainer living in LA, once they reach a certain level of success.

You have the groupies, the pool parties,  paparazzi,  mass media,  pretenders ‘who befriend you as being real and having your best interest’, old love interests, —- BUT there are still friends in your corner who  still support all of your dreams and will go hard with you and for you.

The mixtape, laced with 17 tracks,  features guest appearances from Cam’Ron, Joe Moses, Ty Dolla $, Raheem DeVaughn, Jazz Cartier, Phil Ade, Eric Bellinger, and production from DJ Mustard, Jake One, Lee Major, Esta and DJ Chose!

A few of my favorites from the project is Publishing Checks produced by Kris Minor, It’s Too Late produced by Go Griz, Thought It featuring Ty Dolla $,  Gangsta Boogie with Tha Dogg Pound , Drunk & Conceited,  Valentino,  Breakin Necks and Still Up.

Gangsta Boogie references the fact that you don’t have to be a criminal to be gangtsa because the real definition is someone who knows the streets , the hood– but handles their business without ending up dead or in jail.

‘ Being a gangsta is handling your business
Because I know a lot of gangstas out there
That’s dead, gone, in jail and never coming back
So be smart, and keep it ghetto’ – Kurupt

On the mixtape voicemails from model Eva Pickford, and other rich and famous celebrities  including Wale’s great friend Jerry Seinfeld congratulate him on his big move to LA.

Seinfeld gives the 31 year old artist some words of wisdom on how to handle the never ending pressures of conforming to the LA lifestyle.

“I heard you’re moving out to L.A. to clear your head,” said Seinfeld. “On my God, there’s very little clear head out there. But L.A.’s fun–there’s a lot of people out there working but the people who aren’t working are partying even harder. Stay cool. Be yourself. Don’t ever change.”

Other celebrities that make quick cameos on the mixtape include Amy Schumer, Mark Wahlberg, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, wrestler Triple H and singer Justine Skye.

Billionaire Dan Gilbert  even  gets in on some of the fun, at the end of  the song Breakin Necks, by making a phone call to Wale and leaving a voicemail in order to handle a few deals !


Check out the Tracklist below


01. LAX Feat. Raheem DeVaughn (Prod. By Mister Neek & DJ Money)
02. Publishing Checks (Prod. By Kris Minor)
03. Its too Late (Prod. By Go Griz)
04. Thought It Feat. Ty & Joe Moses (Prod. By DJ Mustard)
05. Gangsta Boogie Feat. Tha Dog Pound (Prod. By DJ Chose)
06. Paparazzi (Prod. By Progressive)
07. Day By The Pool (Prod. By Squat AC Chann3l & Soufwest)
08. Drunk & Conceited (Prod. By Marce Reazon & Cairo Mayeson)
09. Bitches Like You Feat. Camron (Prod. By Spinz Beats)
10. Valentino (Prod. By Nez & Rio)
11. Breakin Necks Interlude (Prod. By Jake One)
12. Still up Feat. Phil Ade & Jazz Cartier (Prod. By Lee Major)
13. Pyramids (Prod. By Esta)
14. Ms Moon (Prod. By Pro Reese)
15. Losing Feat. Victoria Monet (Prod. By Marce Reazon)
16. SmackdownRaw Feat. Jim Ross (Prod. By Dave Knock)
17. Women Of Los Angeles Feat. Eric Bellinger (Prod. By B Ham & August Grant




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