10 R&B Songs That Identified High School Teen Relationships From 2006-2010


By Bre Nicole

It was the era of Nextel Chirp,  T Mobile Blazers, and the Sidekicks!

Right before Instagram, and the emergence of twitter,  and all while Facebook  was  competing with Myspace.

It was the year of puppy love that often times was confused with real love. The age of heart melting and heartbreaking  memories even past those odd yet very sweet and refreshing high school years.

Who could ever forget about their  high school crush or first love ?

Once I met my first love in high school,  I was so eager to wake up every morning for school just because I knew he would be waiting outside of my first hour class to walk me down the hallway to my next class.

Boy oh how I miss those days!

The simplicity of love at its finest for me.

They say if you love something then let it go, so let’s take a trip back to your high school crush or first love to see if you get that same feeling after listening to these sweet jams!

Inside The Girls Room names 10 of the sweetest r&b high school love songs from 2006 to 2010.

10) Givin’ Me A Rush x Tyra B (2007)


9) Come With Me x Sammie ( 2008)


8) Promise x Ciara (2007)



7) Knock You Down x Keri Hilson ( 2009)


6)  Can’t Be Friends x Trey Songz (2010)



5) My Love x Justin Timberlake ft T.I. (2007)


4) Yo(Excuse Me Miss) x Chris Brown (2006)


3)  Heaven Sent x Keshia Cole (2008)


2)   All I Do x B5 (2006)


1) Shorty Like Mine x Bow Wow Ft. Chris Brown (2008)


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