What Will Stubbornness Keep You From Achieving?


Stubbornness isn’t always a bad thing, but it can  create deadly habits and keep you from reaching your ultimate potential in life.

The definition of stubborn is refusing to change one’s mind or course of action despite pressure to do so; unyielding or resolute.

13282483_10209487056642287_268555278_oThe perks of being stubborn includes not  being easily influenced by the opinions of others and holding your position when it comes to your own beliefs.

Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean that your opinions and beliefs will always be right or true.

All of us are stubborn to a certain extent, but ‘for people with a strong fear of change, stubbornness can become a dominant pattern’.

Although I haven’t seen too much life, considering the fact that I am only 24,  I am noticing that my stubbornness can ultimately be my downfall.

Being too head strong, can keep you very narrow minded and in a box! This  closes you up from experiencing endless opportunities and possibilities that may help you in your journey of life.

It can also stop you from listening to others who  may have insight and wisdom to help you achieve more than what you are currently achieving.

After  reading an article about  stubborn personalities, I gained  knowledge and understanding of why many people are stubborn. Stubbornness involves many components that can steam from the following:

  1. Early negative experiences
  2. Misconceptions about the nature of self, life or others
  3. A constant fear and sense of insecurity
  4. A maladaptive strategy to protect the self
  5. A persona to hide all of the above in adulthood

Now although none of these components should be used as an excuse to continue in negative habits that may cause damage to your life, they should be taken into consideration on why it is important to self reflect and find out reasons why you may act a certain way.

The article  from ‘Personality Spirituality’ states ‘In the case of stubbornness, the early negative experiences typically consist of domestic instability or upheaval and the stress of having to suddenly put up with new situations.’

Many people are stubborn because of fear! One of my negative experiences while growing up as a child, made it difficult for me to get close to men because I feared that they would always do something to hurt me.  I then developed a stubborn attitude on other aspects of my life that I am now working on breaking!

Stubbornness can keep you from achieving and reaching success, new romantic relationships, friendships, and it can also keep you from closing a new business deal.

Always evaluate your logic behind many of your choices!






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