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Social Media : @ThyRealTKay

Detroit’s very own Dj Main Event is back at it again with another #MainEventMix and this makes it volume 10 .

When I tell y’all … this mix came out just in time for the first week of classes , weekend pregaming, and that back to school work out for those getting in shape for the fall .

While listening to the mix that is about 39 minutes long, you’ll get to hear some of the hottest tracks from current mainstream artist like Future , 2Chainz , Lil Uzi Vert , and D.R.A.M . Dj Main Event even dropped some of Detroit’s favorite hip hop artists like M City J.R.  and BangGang Lonnie singles on “The Back to Skool “ mix volume 10 as well.


After chatting with DjMainEvent last week I told him that the streets were waiting on a new mix and he told me “ I’m working on something “. One week later he came through and delivered nothing but complete bangers on volume 10.

If I had to rate this mix on a scale from 1-5 I would give it a  5.  It kept me hype the entire time  I was listening to it .

Make sure you check out the mix yourself and don’t forget to follow DjMainEvent to keep up with an event in a city near you, where he’ll be on the 1’s and 2’s rocking the crowd for sure !!!

Click Below To Hear :

#MainEventMix Vol.10 “BackToSkool”

Instagram : @DjMainEvent_

Twitter : @DjMainEvent_


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