Younger Women Dating Older Men: Where Should The Line Be Drawn?


Dating an older man is highly desirable in the eyes of many women. It’s not always a huge age gap either, sometimes the gap difference between a pair is 3-5 years and in other cases  it’s a decade plus some!

It’s been one year since Rapper Rick Ross decided to pop the question to his ex-fiance Lira Galore. Although  Ross, 4o, and ex-fiance’ Lira Galore, 23 are no longer engaged, Mercer is letting loose and finally telling it all on an episode of Iyanla ‘Fix My Life.’

In a clip Mercer sends a message to black men  in hopes that  they will begin to respect black women more. She explains to Iyanla ‘I’m angry because I want our black men to value us and they don’t’. She also reveals that it’s because of her anger that she drinks.

A month ago, the internet broke news with R.Kelly (49) , dating his 19-year-old girlfriend, Halle Calhoun.

Fans of Kelly took to social media their distraught once finding out the 30 year age gap between the couple. Although dating younger women is nothing new for the legendary R&B icon, the long-lived question of how old is too old or too young ‘is age just really a number’ continues to be a social ambiguous phenomena.

Among other celebrity men who have dated and are married to younger women include  Actor Jason Statham  (m. Rosie Huntington-Whitely), Olivier Sarkozy (m.Mary-Kate Olsen, Bruce Willis ( m.Emma Heming), Rapper Tyga (on & off relationship with Kylie Jenner), and The Game (ex-girlfriend India Love).


“Girls look so good but their brain is not ready. I don’t know./ I’d rather talk to a woman ‘cause her mind is so steady. So here we go.” – KRS-One on “Criminal Minded”

It’s just some men’s MO to date younger women, whether to increase their ego and self esteem,  or because younger women are more patient, fun and not as experienced in life.

Some older men also prefer younger  women due to older women being stuck in some of their negative behaviors and  unwilling to  accept change.

Even if a woman is 18 and above, shouldn’t there still be a moral precendent ? What is the cut off age of dating too old or too young?

It’s no surprise that  some women are just so heavily attracted to older men because of their experiences , status, finances, security/protection and wisdom.

However sometimes, when young women date men that are almost twice their age, it is easy for the man to take advantage of that young woman, becoming controlling, possessive and a bit abusive.

‘Situationships’can occur  leading to emotional abuse, domestic violence, manipulation, coercion,  and infidelity.  conveyed,  ‘One of the mistakes older guys often make is assuming that older women have emotional hang-ups and younger women don’t. Such men are enticed by the seeming innocence and purity of the younger woman. They think that because she’s never had her heart broken she won’t have intimacy issues.’

Most younger women haven’t been through some of the life changing experiences older men have encountered yet. As well as, haven’t grown emotionally to work on being alone by themselves first and overcome their own baggage whether daddy issues or problematic dating relationships in the past.

‘Every woman has baggage. Further, younger women are likely to have issues that older women have outgrown. For example, because of their comparative inexperience when it comes to relationships, younger women are more likely to be needy and insecure.’ (

Is it acceptable to date someone who maybe decades younger than you? What do you think?




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