Dear America, What Should Black People Do Now?


By Rachel Simone

Terrence Crutcher, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, Freddie Gray, Christian Taylor, and Gregory Gunn are just some of the “few” unarmed black men that have been killed by police in the last two years.

 Dear America,

 What are us black people to do? Living in a country that has NEVER valued us as people. You literally forced us over here to build a nation on our backs with no regard to us as human beings.

 You saw and still see us as animals, inferior, illiterate, useless, needy, dependent, and so much more.

 You want us to stand for and sing a national anthem for a country that hates us and proves it more and more every day.

 What do we do as black people when any day our lives could be taken away from us by the exact people that are supposed to protect us?

 What am I to do as a black woman when my husband, father, brother, cousin, uncle, friend etc. can be shot by police for simply being themselves?

 The world is so offended by Colin Kaepernick and now other athletes protesting the national anthem, but have no concern for innocent men and women that are being murdered by police wrongfully almost once a week.

 Does it upset you that he is right? That one of us rich and powerful black folk decided to tell the truth and no longer stand for the same America that hates and disrespects us?

 You tell me America what are we to do?

 Do we continue to let white men and women police officers murder us and just say okay? Do we not band together in hopes that this will stop?

 Should we ignore these things and continue to be called sensitive and be told that we are over reacting?

 Do we continue to let the media point out that one of the black men that was killed had a non-violent criminal record 20 years before he was murdered?

 Should we continue to let white people tell us that we should just be grateful that we have a place in this nation and have no right to complain?

 Or should we smile and say “we forgive you and all we want to do is move forward?”

 Dear America,

 What if it was the other way around? What if black police officers were killing young unarmed white male and female citizens would you still feel the same?

 What are us black people to do?


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