Introducing R&B Sensation Crystal Grundy


She’s beautiful with the voice of an angel! A native from Detroit , Michigan, Crystal Grundy  not only has sex appeal as a merging artist with class, but her voice is a  blend  between the Motor City’s very own Teairra Mari and the late Aaliyah.

The artist just finished producing her new EP, Introducing Crystal, Crystal Grundy,  and celebrated by hosting  an EP & website release launch party  that featured sounds by @DJXO313, on September 11th.

As the founder of her own record label, Skye Music Group, with control of her own freedom expression, her music encourages women to be free within their own skin . Crystal believes that a woman can be sexy with truth —without judgment. ‘It’s all about your presentation’, she attests.

An example  is the song ‘I’ma Take My Time’, that gives a aphrodisiac depiction of the steps to four play and what it’s like to be intimate with the one you’re making love to.

Crystal’s artistic influences  is a combination of her imagination, experiences , and experiences of others,  through the journey of life.

Her new EP, which has 5 tracks and can be found on Sound Cloud, talks about sex, confidence, and independence.

One of my favorites from Grundy’s new EP ‘ Introducing Crystal ‘ is ‘We Good’. ‘We Good’ is the tale  of what a lover will do as a ‘ride or die’ to support his or her dreams, goals, and efforts to be successful in life.

‘Together we gone grind,  together we gone shine, I stay by your side, you’ll forever be mine, cuz every N**** in the hood got a dream, and every chick in the hood want a ring, I got you , you got me, don’t worry bout a thing… cuz we good’

Crystal confesses that although she may be shy during a casual conversation, when she performs you receive a completely different aura.  She says that any time she performs on stage she’s able to take herself and her audience to the next level.

‘When I am in front of people or on stage another level of energy is released, where I can show the side many people didn’t know existed’, Grundy explains.

And although Crystal Grundy is still working her way to the top, she is enjoying the journey of learning all she can in the entertainment industry!

Check out her new EP on Soundcloud:



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