In Your 20s And ‘Insecure’ !?!?


HBO has a  new fall comedy series coming out this month called Insecure that follows the creator of the show Issa Rae and director Melina Matsoukas.

Issa Rae who plays herself is a funny yet awkward woman in her late 20s, working for a youth nonprofit agency called We Got Y’all, in which the logo is that of a white hand holding little black figures in its palm (OHHHH the irony??? right???).

Rae is trying to find more of who she is, while learning the power of her own voice in this complexed  and fickle world. Her relationship  with her boyfriend seems to be more and more of a routine losing its spark, while she’s also working on finding the balance between work and her own personal life  of fun!

What I am most interested about when it comes to this groundbreaking new show is how it depicts the young lives of many black women in their 20s trying to find who they are in society , in religion, and when it comes to their life’s purpose.

I have always been a bit insecure and self conscious about who I am. Fearing that people would be somewhat intimidated by my works of expression or think I am weird and pretty insane.

Maybe it steams from my childhood and relationship insecurities.  There are many insecurities I am learning about myself.

When you begin to know yourself, other people can’t define who you are or tell you who you will become.

As I’m approaching my  mid 20s, reaching my 25th mark, I am learning that it is ok to be confident & sexy, (embracing my sexuality as a woman),without having to answer to the  opinions of others on who I am in my own skin. As women we all have a bit of Issa Rae inside of us !

The season premiere of Insecure kicks off this Sunday, October 9th at 10:30pm on HBO.

Check out the trailer of Insecure below!


One thought on “In Your 20s And ‘Insecure’ !?!?

  1. Chakara Martin says:

    Super excited about tuning in. I always wanted to be an actress, tell my life story, entertain people all at once! This is literally a goal of mine that she is living out! I’m 20 myself, will be 21 in February. I feel exactly what she feels. People don’t understand me. Only family loves me unconditionally. It’s hard sometimes. Being awkward is just the norm for us. Rae knows exactly what I mean and how I feel. I wish I could meet her. That would be awesome to meet someone in my shoes, pursuing goals I dream of and am aspiring myself. I would absolutely love to see what her drive is like, her character, her ambition; in person. I would be ecstatic to work with her, learn from her and allow her to be my role model. Yo go Rae! Congratulations! Good luck with every step you take in life.


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