What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Better Man? Fool Boy Marley’s New Video


Most men are too prideful to even acknowledge when they’ve made a mistake  which causes them to ended up losing in their relationship. Fool Boy Marley, however has not only admitted his wrongs , but has made a song  and video expressing his flaws as a man. Will he be able to get his girl back ?

In the video , produced by Fly Visuals,  the BMB artist is seen laying in the bed conversing with his woman about traveling and business , while texting another woman in her presence.

In the opening scene his girlfriend suggests that she wants to go out of town , Fool Boy Marley hits her with the ‘Girl you’re always trying to do something, where you tryna go’.  After giving her answer, she realizes that she does not have his full attention and slowly gazes over to see who and what he is texting that has his undivided attention.

What takes place then, is something that many of us ladies know all too well.  Yes all men make mistakes but does Fool Boy Marley have it in him to become reformed? OR will he always cater to his player ways and fleshly desires?

Check out ‘Better Man’ below.



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