Why Millennials Are Choosing To Side With The Third Party Candidates On Election Day


Tomorrow Americans from all over the country will either choose to cast their votes between a straight or split Democratic or Republican ticket, while some will choose to dismiss their right by not voting or shift the election by voting for a Third Party candidate. Whether a Trump or Clinton supporter, I’m sure Americans from every creed of life can agree that this has been the worst campaign election we have ever seen. The media hasn’t done a very great job in bringing truth to the eyes of voters either and have quite frankly pushed their own agendas and motives.

I have never thought about casting a vote for a Third Party Candidate until this election. One of the reasons is because , like many other millennials who are supporting Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, I am worried about the future  stake of turmoil and corruption that will take place in this country from the Democratic Party or Republican Party if I don’t.  Voting for a Third Party Candidate is less about winning a seat in the White House and more about enhancing the financial support of the Third Party.

By voting for a third-party presidential candidate, it will help the third party candidates reach the critical threshold of 5% of the popular vote.  This will then qualify the party for public campaign funding assistance in the future.

As a humanitarian, activist, and merging small business owner , I understand the importance of receiving grant money and funding assistance to press forward and changing the world around you.

In the United States of America, the two political party systems we have known as Democratic and Republican are becoming more and more corrupt. It’s hard to tell which political party system is for the people and just for pushing the agendas of special interests and big corporations to get a bulky return on the investment.

We are persuaded into thinking by the government,  mass media, and our peers that we have to choose between the Democratic platform or Republican platform, yet every year we become more and more disappointed with what happens in Washington, DC. Our system is faulty. In order to prevent people into wanting change when it comes to these two parties, the Third Party or non-Establishment Party that actually fights for the rights of people, humanity, and our global ecosystem are unheard and voiceless due to lack of funding and backing.

Whether Third Party, Democratic Party, or Republican Party, in order to have a successful campaign strategy, you need money. Money for ads, money for endorsing certain policies and implementing those policies. It’s just the way of  the world. Another party cannot branch into the making without being funded and having support from the people.

We have a system that manipulates voters into thinking that if they don’t vote for a particular presidential candidate then all hell is going to break lose, such as the poor will become poorer , the education system will fail ( in which education is primarily a state and local issue . The Federal government only contributes 8% of their funding to education— just look at what’s been happening with Detroit Public Schools for the past few years. Plus as Americans, we do not want the Federal government to have that much power and control over the education system in general ), pro choice will be banished, and well our freedom as American citizens will be taken away.

This is a disillusioned statement and very false. The power doesn’t just lie in the hands of the people through voting but also by educating ourselves on policies being made, the mass influence privatized corporations have in the White House, and reading up on the businesses and organizations contributing to the campaign funding of those running for office.

With the Democratic Party and Republican Party fighting over who wins the majority in the House and ‘maintaining the Establishment power elite,  nothing  will change: wars, poverty, bad economy, no jobs, poor quality of life, continued erosion of values and morale. Wealth transfer continues from citizens to corporate owners’—while the gap between the poor and rich gets larger on the graphing scales.

And as we can see the nomination of horrible representation between the Republican and Democratic parties will mean that past voters , new voters, or those who do not want to vote will simply choose not to vote if favorable and trustworthy candidates are not chosen.

There are people who think that they are Democrats just because mom and dad have instilled in them that Republicans are rich bastards that are making average working Americans poor by not having to pay taxes and increasing the taxes of middle class and poor Americans.

I hear many people say that they are with Hilary because she supports #prochoice. We don’t truly know if she is for pro choice or for pro life . What we do know is that Planned Parenthood is a special interest group that has funded Hilary Clinton’s campaign and is another one of the reasons why Clinton is pro choice in her campaign.

Like most candidates who have ran for presidency being pro choice or pro life  may have absolutely nothing to do with where their heart lies on the issue . As Americans we have to understand the backing of interest groups that have pulled strings to get their issues taken into consideration by politicians .

I just want people to make choices on what they have researched not based on what social media and people are telling them to do .

Studies have shown that many Americans  actually have principles that are mixture between the Democratic and Republican platform alike. Because of this many millennials,  are doing research for themselves and are seeing that their views (if not align with a mix between Democratic and Republican principles) are those of the Green Party/Libertarian Party.

Where we as Americans screwed  ourselves over was continuing to make this election about choosing the lesser of two evils.  I thought corruption was corruption and evil was evil. If I’m not in favor or trusting of either candidate , why should I have to cast my vote for that candidate?

As millennials , maybe it was the principles that our parents taught us about standing for something or falling for anything. Aren’t these the same principles that have been instilled in us by the government, by our school systems, and great leaders in the community? I’m standing up to end corruption when I vote for a third party candidate on election day.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. A vote for Hilary Clinton is a vote for Hilary Clinton and a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for a third-party candidate. ‘Voting for a third-party candidate, therefore, will not throw your vote away. It will make a definite statement, both to the Republican and Democratic parties, and to your fellow citizens ‘ (www2.ed.gov/about/overview/fed/role.html).

Voting for a third-party candidate is about saying no to corruption and giving power back to the people. We want change but don’t want to work for it, so we continue to place people in power who are corrupt? Where’s the republic in that?

If third parties receive a sufficient proportion of the vote, they will begin to modify their platforms, making more concessions to citizens.

I’m not telling you who to vote for, I’m just sharing as to why millennials are choosing to stand up and vote for a third-party more and more each presidential election in order to fix a broken system.

No matter who or what way you vote, be an educated voter , not a persuaded voter based on mass media influence and campaign ads. Know the facts and understand the policies that come with the people we place in the White House.

For more information on how we can end corruption in politics and change our system in elections to come check out the American Anti-Corruption Act at anticorruptionact.org

Checkout this video from Susan Sarandon on supporting the Third-Party candidate:

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