A Letter from the Editor


A Letter From the Founder

What’s Inside The Girl’s Room?

It’s a blog made for women and men to share in the joy, love,celebration of empowering one another with positivity through entertainment, news, community awareness, entrepreneurship, and testimonials. While also targeting on some deep rooted issues that stagnant our communities.
It’s nonetheless ‘The Chill’ spot on relatable topics that we have all encountered or will encounter some point in our lives.
Inside The Girl’s Room will highlight a broad range of topics from friendships, relationships, healthy lifestyles, self -esteem, self love, sex, sexuality, hurt, void fillers, work, societal opinions, love, romance, finances and purpose.
It’s a place for the writer to express their opinion without feeling embarrassed or shameful.
In life we have all made choices that have built and shaped us into the strong women that we are today and will be in the future. Our readers will be able to see the transparency in the material that our writers work hard on.
Every experience in life has given us lessons , wisdom, and enlightenment to pass off to the next generation. It takes a village of strong women to leave a legacy of awareness and truth with the ones after us.
We will feature upcoming artists in all realms of media and artistry, from the music industry, media personalities, graphic designers, fashionistas, professors, corporate business savvy women, mothers, sisters, Christian leaders, former drug abusers, former strippers , and women from all aspects of lifestyles .
Why??? Well, because we are every woman in the words of Chaka Khan.
Out with the old and in with the new while bridging gaps between tradition, culture, and realness.
Inside the girl’s room is here to Inspire . Time out for ridicule and time in for redemption. Too many of us bash each other and compete for the top position in corporate America, or with starting our own businesses, while others compete to win a man’s heart.
The idea of Inside the Girl’s Room was drawn up, while reminiscing on my top favorite TV shows in the 90s and early 2000s.
The All That Show and Amanda Bynes Show portrayed scenes of high school girls conversing in the girl’s bathroom.
There was the “weird girl” Deb who loved eggs and was lost in life about every conversation the other young ladies would bring up.
Amber ” the egotistical popular girl” who would make everyone else feel irrelevant and inferior because of her delightful non fleeting beauty.
Sheila who was ” the bully’ and punished all uninvited guests who entered into the “girl’s room” because deep down she was unhappy with herself .
Though the concept of the show and the blog are complete opposites, I figured I would turn this thing into a spin off on how conversations should really be between women.
Inside The Girl’s Room is not to antagonize a specific gender, or entertain negative images of women. It’s to empower, encourage, and share in the journeys we have traveled.
The blog site also hopes to invite our men to stand by our sides and redefine culture that men can also support women while supporting their own gender.
So enjoy the reads, enjoy the stories, keep an open mind, have fun, laugh, cry, but one thing I ask from every woman who wants to share in the journey of Inside the Girl’s Room is to not hate or judge.
Society is already too harsh on us.
Bre Nicole J


Photo Credit : Kyla Rose McGrath of Kyla McGrath Photography


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