What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Better Man? Fool Boy Marley’s New Video


Most men are too prideful to even acknowledge when they’ve made a mistake  which causes them to ended up losing in their relationship. Fool Boy Marley, however has not only admitted his wrongs , but has made a song  and video expressing his flaws as a man. Will he be able to get his girl back ?

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Introducing R&B Sensation Crystal Grundy


She’s beautiful with the voice of an angel! A native from Detroit , Michigan, Crystal Grundy  not only has sex appeal as a merging artist with class, but her voice is a  blend  between the Motor City’s very own Teairra Mari and the late Aaliyah.

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The Community Vs. The Church– Is The Inner City Blues Addressing ‘The Root’ Of The Issue?


By Bre Nicole

There’s no church in the wild.  What was supposed to be a non-violent yet very radical demonstration aiming  to make a Detroit Pastor ,  Bishop Wayne .T Jackson, (the father of Comedian and actor Brandon T. Jackson) and his congregation aware of the troubles many people in  the community of the church’s grounds face, quickly  turned into an uncontrollable disaster.

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Younger Women Dating Older Men: Where Should The Line Be Drawn?


Dating an older man is highly desirable in the eyes of many women. It’s not always a huge age gap either, sometimes the gap difference between a pair is 3-5 years and in other cases  it’s a decade plus some!

It’s been one year since Rapper Rick Ross decided to pop the question to his ex-fiance Lira Galore. Although  Ross, 4o, and ex-fiance’ Lira Galore, 23 are no longer engaged, Mercer is letting loose and finally telling it all on an episode of Iyanla ‘Fix My Life.’

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Why It’s So Important to Have & Develop A Relationship With God


Building a relationship with God is an ongoing process.  And even though life gets harder and harder by the day , it’s always necessary to hold on to God’s unfailing love.

If you want your significant other to always be open and truthful with you , shouldn’t we work on always being open and truthful to God.  A relationship with God, is just like forming a honest relationship with people.

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